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The basics:
Name: Phillicia
Birthday/age: June 6, 1989/ 15
Location: New York City
Statz: Umm..I was born in Italy, then I lived in Los Angeles for 4 years until my parents divirced
The Favorites
Color: Pink
Movie: Kill Bill
Show: Sex & the City
Book: Harry Potter- all of them
Celeb: Paris Hilton
Music: pop
Band: the Clash
Food: cake
Hobby: tennis

The Associations
pop: stars
hot: summer
porn: star
movie: popcorn
gay: Jack
happy: sad

The Opinions
Underage Drinking: if they lowered the age, it wouldnt be a problem
Legalization of Marijuana: against
Pre-marital Sex: to each his/her own
President Bush: against
Self-awarness: is good

The Finals
What makes your LJ special or different: its honest
Do you think you have what it takes: definitely
Are you natural enough: definitely
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